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Excerpt from Bill Torvund’s lecture Aug 20, 2016, at the weekend special class Rainbow Ray Ascension Activation & more, for the Awakening Divine Presence Within Class


The transcendent moves beyond the realm of mind. You do trataka because it’s one way of balancing the intuitive and cognitive areas of the brain. The left and right sides of the brain become absolutely balanced. The lower egoic mind, when we deal with cognition, always has a tendency to want to define the transcendent. The transcendent can’t be defined, nor can we explain the transcendent. Nor can we really verbalize the transcendent.

The transcendent is something we experience. And when we work with experience, we’re working with primary experience of light. And when we do this, the first thing the teacher tells you is don’t try to make sense out of what you’re seeing. When you try to make sense of something, what you’re doing is bringing it into your present cognitive level of self definitions, and the transcendent doesn’t come from a place of self definition. The transcendent never comes from a place of knowing. It only comes from a place of unknowing. The innocent moment of unknowing is the ground upon which transcendence exists. If you can define the transcendent, it’s no longer transcendent. The nature of experience is where you go first, and then you go into the nature of your understanding.

Allow yourself to open up. This is the way you widen the spectrum of your awareness. That way you actually enter into a state of more authentic transition. This is why the Buddha always talks about the state of no mind. In no mind you open up the field of infinite possibilities. In opening up the field of infinite possibilities, you then enter into the true transcendent state. Otherwise, you don’t get there.


Solar Activation & Attunement

Always reflect upon the Divine solar principle within you. Let every breath be the mantra. Let every mantra be the breath of your very existence. With every breath you reaffirm your infinite, eternal, unchangeable, undefilable solar principle in coherence, in love, and integrity. The gift of becoming a solar avatar in this time in history is a Divine responsibility that overcomes all past karma. It overcomes all elements of karmic conditions of limitation and restriction. To become a Solar Lord and Goddess of Creation, you become divinely entrusted with carrying the message of Divine Light and Divine Love to all sentient beings in every breath you take. You become the final vision of the Divine human that the master, Jesus, Zoraster, the Buddha, Babaji, and others–all the great ones–took on when the Master said, “I am the light of the world, that is what you become now”. You become the universal light of creation. You take on the ultimate responsibility of being in God State and being the Divine Essence at all times, with every breath you take, every action you enable, every expression that comes from you. Your Divine responsibility is to attune everything you do, everything you say, and all that you are to Divine Light at all times.

You become the living sun. You complete the vision of the Divine. You become the begotten of the Divine. You take on the God Principle. You take on the principle of the vajra, the diamond light essence, by which you transform the world by your very being in the world. So that way your beingness and what you do in the world are perfectly aligned to Divine Consciousness at all times.

The solar avatar is, in many respects, the ultimate vision by which the Lords of Creation incarnated the Master we call Jesus to bring his message to the world, and also is preparing for the consciousness of the Maitreya. But the consciousness of the Maitreya will be presented in this world differently. It will not be just one person. All the great adepts now tell us that the Maitreya consciousness is not to be given to just one person again. It’s to be given to everyone. So that way we all take upon ourselves the responsibility of that form of transcendence, by which we all become conscious and attune to light.

The transcendent can only be brought into a world that can recognize the transcendent. Otherwise, it could be put down like it was 2,000 years ago. And this is not an oversight that will ever be made again. That’s one reason why the Maitreya is us. This is where we have the responsibility to stop blaspheming the human form by seeing it as anything less than Divine. That negative self judgment must stop. This is why, as Solar Lords and Goddesses of Creation, you take upon your nature the Divine perfection of the ultimate human incarnative promise to creation, and that is that as Solar Lords and Goddesses, as solar beings, we carry on the Divine Plan that we are one with the Divine, not subservient. We represent the Divine Plan. We are the ambassadors of the Divine Plan. And, thus, as Lords and Goddesses of Creation, we take on that responsibility.


Sacred To Your Heart

You are incarnate Divine beings. When the Divine enters into the realm of the physical, you then create the sacred. The sacred is the result of the integration of Divine Light into the physical realm. When the Divine Light enters into the physical realm and is embraced by it, you create the sacred. The sacred is the physical nature, which is consecrated by the nature of the Divine Essence. Once the Divine Essence is brought into the physical form, it can be said the sacred has taken place.

The challenge of becoming a solar avatar is making every moment of your life, every breath you take, and everything that you are sacred. Everything you say, do, manifest, and intend is sacred, because you are always attuning to the transcendent. In attuning to the transcendent, this is where inspiration comes in. Inspiration is when you inspire, when you breathe in the Divine. Your body form essence and your body life form essence maintain sacredness. The one thing as a solar avatar you always need to ask yourself is: “Is what I’m experiencing, or asked to do, or confronted with in this moment, sacred to my heart?” Whatever you’re doing in life or asked to do in your life, the only thing you ever need to ask yourself is: “In this complete moment, is it sacred to my heart or not?” If it is not sacred to your heart, it is not right. From this moment on as a solar avatar, you must live in the sacred. All your decisions must be made in sacredness, your expressions must be made in sacredness, your actions must be made in sacredness. Everything you do now must be sacred to your heart. That is the ultimate integrity you have beyond anything else.

Some people might say, “Isn’t that selfish?” No, it’s not. It’s the truth. Your truth has nothing to do with your ego or your mind. Your truth is so incredibly deep and powerful, it’s beyond words. People may say, “Explain this”. No. If someone needs something explained, the understanding isn’t there anyway, because no explanation is ever the truth. The only way truth can be experienced is through true empathy. An explanation is the booby prize. It’s someone’s ego wanting to interpret. The sacred can’t be interpreted. It can only be experienced. The sacred is consecrated by Divine Love. The primal quality of light is love. When people experience love, they glow. When you experience stellar consciousness, whether it’s the earth sun or Regulus, the star of Shambhala, you experience love. The universe is love. The stars shine because they love. Love exists from the void, a vast total infinite all-ness of the all-ness in everything, and it’s all one and incredibly loving.

Every breath is a manifestation of love. Your affirmation of life is breath. We hold the light of the universe in our hearts, because we are loved by the sun. In every breath you are reborn. Be conscious of light when you are breathing. The consciousness of breath is the consciousness of light. When you breathe, be conscious of light and let your forehead/6thchakra shine. Breathe in and breathe the light and love in too. Feel the love of the earth, sun, and every cell in your body loving you.

Great masters feel the love of the light in every cell of their bodies in every moment, and live in integrity to that love, because they bring in the love of the solar emanation and the love of the earth emanation, realizing they are both just octaves of the same thing. It’s all one. In nirvikalpa samadhi, which is where we’re going and beyond of course, the form body, light body state become resonant as one entity. The further you go into this awareness, in integrity to your inner activation, the litmus test of everything that happens to you, no matter what it is, is that everything that happens to you must be sacred to your heart to do it. You do the best you can to live in virtue and stay in alignment with everyone, but you stay in alignment with them to the point that there is a real truth that can come out of that which does not compromise the integrity of the sacredness of your being. Remember, you’re an avatar now. You have no excuse. Avatar consciousness doesn’t compromise itself for anyone or anything—ever! So you live gently in the majesty of who you are, in the majesty of the sacredness of your Divine Essence. It’s not for sale. It’s not to be compromised. Gently but firmly in virtue.

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