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1) psychic/intuitive clairvoyant evaluation of the physical, energetic and interdimensional conditions;

2) etheric, causal and angelic light-body restructuring and attunement;

3) auric, energetic, systemic, organic and structural regeneration and

4) vital/aetheric grid restructuring;

5) somatic neuroplexus (chakral) alignment and synergistic reattunement;

6) biomagnetic and auric field/polarity resynchronization;

7) structural biogravitational alignment;

8) non-invasive etheric surgery;

9) inter-dimensional implant removal (extraterrestrial/astral);

10) archetypal assessment;

11) charismatic (sacramental) healing;

12) biogenetic/psychogenetic/aurogenetic DNA/RNA repatterning;

13) crystallotherapy and gemotherapy (physical and subtle)

14) chromotherapy (physical and subtle);

15) cymatotherapy (mantramic, acoustic, and subtle)

16) teletherapy (healing at a distance)

17) angelic intercessory healing (Metatron, Raphael, Logoic Christos);
18) pranayama and contemporary breathing techniques;

19) radiesthesiology and bionic sciences;

20) medical astrology and astrotherapy (sidereal medicine);

21) Vedic yajnas, brahmastras and bhumastras;

22) astrological and astrolometric dimensional evaluation;

23) transmonadic and polymonadic field integration;

24) angelic light body recovery;

25) starseed stellar light body recovery and reconstruction;

26) transdimensional monadic and polymonadic re-sturcturing;

27) bioelemental alchemical transmiutation

28) Starseed etheric matrix activation, re-integration and interdimensional re-structuring

29) Solar octave harmonic activation and transdimensional re-vitalization of solarian light fields into the subtle energetic and physical biofields.

30) Stellar and solar light body space-time transdimensional re-patterning in all twenty-four stellar initiatic origins and all causal metadimensions.

31) Stellar and solar matrix re-construction and re-integration and template formation in all the causal and aetheric bodies for divine alchemical transformation on all life-form levels.

32) Initiatic attunement of the ascension light formations in all the causal light bodies and aetheric grids.

33) Creation of interdimensional portals within all causal and aetheric fields for the purposes of entelechic attunement of all dimensions for polymonadic incarnants to re-activate divine cosmic integration from dimensional level six and beyond.

34) Re-patterning of the astral/akashic causal bodies to release all forms of karmic inertia within the energetic interdimensional fields for removal and acceleration of spiritual transformation and neutralization of all past, present, and future karmic conditions (with the approval of the OverSoul).

35) Opening and activation of the Antahkarana (OverSoul) for the purposes of interdimensional and transdimensional attunement to the higher dimensions for soul-travel and re-awakening to higher soul activities (channeling, interdimensional and transdimensional travel and soul-matrix re-formation).

36) Morphogenetic field re-structuring and optimization of causal and etheric tempates within the biovital and biophysical matrices for space-time reconfiguration to alter and transform event-horizons in past, present and future conditions to neutralize inertia within the causal matrix (with the permission of the OverSoul and the Seraphic Angelic Council) oftentimes referred to as the “Karmic Council.”

37) Entitative field depossession (traditionally referred to as “exorcism)

38) Ascension light body activation and interdimensional initiation

39) Medicine Buddha (Bhaiṣajyaguru Vaidūryāpābharāja) empowerments

40) Solarian transdimensional attunement (Vajrasüryarūpakāyaśrotāma)
emanation practices

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